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Dragonfly Summer Camp


 Dragonfly Summer Camp serves all of Charlotte County, having campers coming from as far away as Saint John and Fredericton and beyond, though children from our county must have first chance at spots as our fundraising is done here. We are the only day camp for young children with autism in the region and the therapy we provide in a fun camp setting is truly unique. They take part in music therapy, animal therapy, exercise therapy, art and this year pottery making, and they have wonderful outdoor excursions. We want to see the program expanded so not only are children with others more in their age range, but so we can give this opportunity to more children and young adults.

 One of our most pressing needs is in maintaining our camp building. It needs a new roof and other repairs to what is an historic building, the former railroad station. Trim needs to be repaired and electrical work done and it is all crucial to get this done as soon as possible so we will be able to use the building again next summer.

 We are unable to both maintain our building and run these most important camps for the children who are counting on attending each summer or hope to attend for the first time.

 We have made a few changes to this year, having one week camps instead of two week sessions, which makes it easier for those who have to travel and plan their vacations. Our camps are gauged to keep kids with those closer to their own ages and stages of development. We also needed to price our camps closer to the actual cost as our fees have not even come close to the actual cost that includes therapy – this year it is $375 per week for children 5 years to 18 and $395 per week for Young Adults. As we are overlapping our ages in the camps, two age appropriate weeks can be booked for children for a reduced price of $695. Our Young Adults Camp, for those 19 (graduated) to 26 is new this year and we are hoping to expand throughout the year to host occasional social events for this group, and also to expand for socials for teens, as well. These socials will also include 'life skills lessons' such as cooking. Our new 'Beginner Camp' for ages 5 through 8 will have 5 year old children who have not attended Kindergarten yet (previously they had to have completed that year) and having these youngsters with only children close to their own age should make for a better experience for them.

We are hoping you will be able to help us – Please look through our photos here and on our Facebook page so you can see what is so hard to convey in mere words – the impact we have on these children that is shown on their faces.

 Please help sponsor a camper and if possible, one of our camps. If an individual or a business chooses to sponsor one of our camps, please contact me for more information for the actual cost expected. We will acknowledge your sponsorship on our website and in our newsletter, complete with your business information and links.


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