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Autism Canada News - November 2015

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November 3rd, 2015  
Dear Janet,
Call to all Adults on the Spectrum: 

Autism Canada is now taking applications from adults on the spectrum interested in being part of the ASD Advisory Committee. The application includes telling us what you are interested in being involved in and suggesting projects. This committee is also vital in giving advice to Autism Canada on initiatives and campaigns they are planning.

Please click here to download the application form. 

Tom Jackman, Chair of the ASD Advisory Committee 

Autism News

What a great idea and great story. Art can be very therapeutic for all of us so why not people on the spectrum. Check out Autism Canada's gallery "ASD Arts" that showcases a wide range of creative work produced by people living with autism. We hope some of these artists will share their work. Click here to read more.

I don't know about you, but I have my list of things that I have said or done that I can laugh at now, but at the time I wasn't very proud of myself. Autism Moms and Dads are human. Click here to read more.  
This intriguing eye-tracking study compared a group of individuals with ASD to a control group on the amount of visual attention given to faces and other "meaningful objects." Click here to read more.

Well done, Newfoundland and Labrador, on vowing to eliminate the IQ 70 standard. Hopefully the rest of Canada will soon follow. Click here to read more.

A Vancouver sister and her brother with autism release "Animal Appetites", a creative book to teach vocabulary while promoting autism awareness. Click here to read more.

Autism Research

Prenatal exposure to common environmental factors affects brain lipids and increases risk of developing autism spectrum disorders

Autism Canada is delighted to see this review paper. We believe more attention needs to be given to environmental factors that have the potential to affect fetal brain development. Our environment has changed drastically over the past century and we don't know enough about its accumulative effect. Autism prevalence is on the rise and no stone should be left unturned. We need to diversify research to get answers sooner than later. Click here to read more. 
To read the press release of this paper, click here.


Adults on the spectrum are coming together to share, ask questions and get advice on a variety of topics.  The community is growing and you're invited. Visit to join the conversation.

Looking for an engaging, informative conference or workshop? Visit our National Events Calendar to submit an event and/or discover what is happening in your area.
Upcoming events - November 2015:  

November 2-6, 2015: Online Autism Summit (Online Conference).
November 7, 2015: Positive Support Behaviour: What Parents Need to Know (Vancouver, BC). 
November 7, 2015: Ed Mahony: Positive Advocacy (Timmins, ON)
November 7-8, 2015: ASBC Presents: Behavioural Interventionists Basic Training Workshop (Surrey, BC)
November 12-13, 2015: Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Bullying: Tools that Work (Toronto, ON)
November 13-14, 2015: Autism Awareness Centre (Calgary, AB)
November 17-19, 2015: Autism Intervener Certificate Course - Geneva Centre for Autism (Toronto, ON)


Tom Jackman, Chair of our ASD Advisory Committee, presented at the "Seeing You Seeing Me" conference hosted by Asperger Manitoba Inc. Thank you for advocating for the community by sharing your knowledge and experiences.


Autism Canada has online screening tools for toddlers, children, teens, and adults. While screening tools help to identify individuals who might have developmental delays, they do not suffice as conclusive evidence of developmental delays and do not result in diagnoses. 


ASD Arts is a gallery of artwork, photography, books, music, and other multimedia produced by people on the spectrum. Please visit our website to view the gallery and submit your original work.

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Autistic boy, 10, burning up the drag-racing circuitUntitled Post

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Darien Legge set to become first Newfoundlander to compete at international championship next week

CBC News Posted: Oct 02, 2015 12:36 PM NT Last Updated: Oct 02, 2015 1:36 PM NT

10-year-old Darien Legge, who's set to race internationally at the Summit Super Series Championships.

10-year-old Darien Legge, who's set to race internationally at the Summit Super Series Championships. (Submitted by Susan Legge)

Darien Legge, a 10 year old from Kelligrews, is about to race into the history books.

Legge, who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, will become the first Newfoundlander to compete in the Summit Super Series Championships, an international drag racing competition taking place in Tennessee next week.

Legge will compete at the Memphis International Speedway, in the junior dragster category — a miniature version of dragster racing where cars race in a straight line rather than an oval track.

But don't think that those miniature cars can't reach impressive speeds. Legge told The St.John's Morning Show he's hit upwards of 100 km/hr. 

Legge thrives on that speed — and the competition.

"What I like most about racing is that you get to race other people," Legge told CBC host Anthony Germain.

The need for speed

Legge caught the racing bug at an early age, watching his father compete.

Junior dragster Darien Legge 2

Darien has been racing for a couple of years. (Submitted by Susan Legge)

"He's always really had a fascination with motorsports," said his mother, Susan Legge.

For his 8th birthday, his parents surprised him with his very own junior dragster car, and soon he was speeding around, solo.

"I was a little bit concerned at first, when he took the car on the track," said Susan Legge.

"But just the aerodynamics of the car, and the safety of the car, and the way that the drag racing community is anyway, in terms of safety, is they would not allow him or children like him to run if it wasn't completely safe."

This past Labour Day weekend, Darien Legge raced at Eastbound Speedway in Avondale, qualifying for a spot in a wildcard draw for the Summit Super Series Championships.

He got the call a few days later that he was in. Since then, it's been a scramble to get ready for an 8,800-kilometre round trip to Tennessee.

"It's not like going to a hockey tournament, where you can put your hockey bag on a plane and fly there, of course. We got to tow his car," said Susan Legge, who credits fundraising efforts and the donation of a motor home for making the trip possible.

'Autism Fuels My Drive'

Darien Legge's dragster will sport a specialized paint job at the Memphis International Speedway.

Junior Dragster

The new paint job on Darien Legge's junior dragster. (Submitted by Susan Legge)


His car has been re-done with his favourite mascot - a crow - and multicoloured puzzle pieces, a symbol for autism.

"They [made] the car look, like, awesome, " said Legge.

Dragster car

On the top of the car is the slogan: 'Autism fuels my drive'.

"The reason we had that put on the top of his car, is because one thing that we've learned about autism, and especially children that have autism or are on the spectrum, usually they have something that like, that they really focus on, that's their niche and they're really good at,  and we feel that racing is that for Darien," said Susan Legge.

Autism Canada News - October 2015

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Autism Canada News

Thank you to Veseys Seeds Ltd. for choosing to benefit Autism Canada in the "Because We Care" campaign. Until October 14th, 50% of every Firework Allium sale will be going towards Autism Canada. 

This cheerful and charming Allium blend will add incredible colour and interest to any sunny landscape setting. The explosive flower heads will be sure to remind you of celebratory fireworks. Fireworks Allium Mix consists of three vigorous varieties: pure-white 'carinatum album', sunny-yellow 'flavum' and mauve-purple 'carinatum'. easy to grow in any sunny garden. No. 1 size bulbs.  Click here to order today. 

The World of Vendors Inc. had their annual Fall Haul in Stony Plain, Alberta on September 19th. This year they selected Autism Canada as their charity of choice. The day featured vendors, bands including Winter City, Funk Sway, and James Outlaw, and a silent auction that raised $891 for Autism Canada.  As always, we could not continue the work we do without the support of our donors. Thank you!  

Autism News

Amythest from Ask an Autistic presents on why Your Child May Be Repeating Words Or Phrases Constantly.  This may help answer some of the questions you might have about your child.  


Autism is a spectrum. We need to be respectful and balanced in our communications about autism.  This next article is titled, My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About.  It is written by Bonnie Zampino and published in the Huffington Post. Click here to read.

A caring 16-year-old student from New Jersey took the initiative to produce this video to help other teens understand and accept autism. The resource has also been used as an anti-bullying tool at the elementary and high school level.


It is hard to believe things like this still happen but they do.  A student with an autism diagnosis from Miramichi, New Brunswick was not allowed back to high school. Click here to read more. 
Linda Mastroianni, Founder, writes a great article on Why Autism Isn't a Cause of Divorce.  She says there are a myriad of reasons why marriages fail but she addresses what she believes are the five top issues. Click here to read more.

The Mighty features an article written by Melissa McGlensey titled,  30 Pieces of Advice for Employers Working With People With AutismClick here to read more.


Autism Research

High rates of parkinsonism in adults with autism 

This paper found a high frequency of parkinsonism among ASD individuals older than 39 years. If high rates of parkinsonism and potentially Parkinson's disease are confirmed in subsequent studies of ASD, this observation has important implications for understanding the neurobiology of autism and treatment of manifestations in older adults. Given the prevalence of autism in school-age children, the recognition of its life-long natural history, and the recognition of the aging of western societies, these findings also support the importance of further systematic study of other aspects of older adults with autism. Click here to read more.

Early Identification and Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Executive Summary

This month's online edition of "Pediatrics" experts underscore the importance of continuing to use universal early childhood autism screening guidelines despite a recent statement issued by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force that recommends skipping early screening for most children.  The lead author on the paper is Canada's own Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum. Click here to read more.

New Brunswick Community College Human Service - April 2014

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Presentation from Human Service class 2014

The New Brunswick Community College Human Service class raised $1060 for Dragonfly from their April Autism Awareness events.  How good is that!

World Autism Day at New Brunswick Community College - April 2, 2014

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World Autism Day Apr 2, 2014

World Autism Day
April 02, 2014

 Human Services Program

New Brunswick Community College
St. Andrews Campus

Could inducing labour contribute to autism? Major study raises questions

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CTV News, Tuesday August 13, 2013 
Could inducing labour contribute to autism? Major study raises questions.

Walk for Autism - Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Five Amazing Ladies
  1. Congratulations! 5 amazing ladies, Catherine Lauzon, Carole Davidson, Stephanie Kinney, Miranda McFarlane & Becky Garnett completed the 30+ km walk and raised $1180. Thank you so much for your effort and determination. Our campers will benefit greatly from your generosity of spirit.

NBCC Amazing Donation - Friday April 19, 2013

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A group on amazing students from New Brunswick Community College - St. Andrews Campus presents a generous donation of $1320 to Mary Casement, Executive Director, Dragonfly Centre for Autism. The students did a number of activities in order to raise such an amount. We applaud their efforts and are grateful for the donation.The money is to be used for our summer camp program.  Many thanks for a job well done. 

Dragonfly Dreamtime

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Dragonfly Dreamtime

Mary Casement

April 13, 2013

 April is international autism awareness month and Dragonfly had a great kick off to the month with an April 2nd Awareness Day Open House at our Resource Centre, a terrific campaign and bake sale at St. Stephen High School put on by the Autism Awareness Group, lots of information exhibits and a bake sale at NBCC organized by the Human Services students as well as a dragonfly pin promotion at the Royal Bank. The Roast Beef dinner hosted by the St. George Masons in late March was a HUGE success and we unfortunately had to turn people away because we had already served 149 plates by 5 pm!  We can’t thank Tom Borthwick and his enthusiastic crew enough for the delicious dinner and excellent service they provided. 

 There is another major April awareness event yet to come with a Walk for Autism planned for Saturday April 20th.  Catherine Lauzon, a nurse working at Passamaquoddy Lodge, has organized several co-workers & friends to set out on an inspiring walk from the Red Rooster in St. Stephen to the Kennedy Inn in St. Andrews all in support of Dragonfly Centre for Autism Inc.  That is nearly twenty miles of foot work!  The walk will start at 10 am weather permitting.  There is no rain date – it’s the 20th or next year!  Would you like to join in with your support?  Perhaps you can only walk part of the trail or might prefer to donate money in support of one of the walkers.  Or maybe you would like to be one of the cheerleaders to send them off or greet them at the Kennedy in time for a well deserved rest & refreshment.  Please contact me at Dragonfly by phone, 465-8900, by email or via Facebook to join in the challenge and increase autism awareness in Charlotte County.  Learn more about autism and help us expand our camp services to meet more of the needs of our county kids living with this limiting condition.

 Probably the very best event to have happened so far this month was receiving a notice on April 3rd that our core operating grant from the Province of NB was approved in the recent budget. WHEW!  We were sitting on pins and needles for the last several weeks wondering how deep budget cuts might affect us and other autism centres in the province for the year ahead.  Perhaps our intensive awareness efforts are proving effective and the powers that be are realizing how critical the services that our centres provide are to the individuals and families living with autism for their physical, mental, and emotional well being and development. The grant amount has been the same for the last several years, $35,000, in spite of constantly increasing base operational costs like phone and internet services, heat, rent, insurance, taxes and other basic expenses that every small business faces.  We are grateful that the provincial contribution wasn’t reduced or eliminated altogether.  The difficulty of course is that we are a not for profit registered charity with minimal revenue sources trying to serve an ever increasing client base.  The most recent statistics indicate that as many as one in 55 children born will have some degree of autism.  Therefore we are always in fund raising event mode.  If you have any ideas for an event (preferably one that would bring in millions) please contact us ASAP.

Cheers for now and please show your support for the team Autism Walk on Saturday April 20th.  See you at the Red Rooster.

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