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Autism Canada News - October 2015

posted Oct 6, 2015, 5:33 PM by Dragonfly Centre for Autism Inc
Autism Canada News

Thank you to Veseys Seeds Ltd. for choosing to benefit Autism Canada in the "Because We Care" campaign. Until October 14th, 50% of every Firework Allium sale will be going towards Autism Canada. 

This cheerful and charming Allium blend will add incredible colour and interest to any sunny landscape setting. The explosive flower heads will be sure to remind you of celebratory fireworks. Fireworks Allium Mix consists of three vigorous varieties: pure-white 'carinatum album', sunny-yellow 'flavum' and mauve-purple 'carinatum'. easy to grow in any sunny garden. No. 1 size bulbs.  Click here to order today. 

The World of Vendors Inc. had their annual Fall Haul in Stony Plain, Alberta on September 19th. This year they selected Autism Canada as their charity of choice. The day featured vendors, bands including Winter City, Funk Sway, and James Outlaw, and a silent auction that raised $891 for Autism Canada.  As always, we could not continue the work we do without the support of our donors. Thank you!  

Autism News

Amythest from Ask an Autistic presents on why Your Child May Be Repeating Words Or Phrases Constantly.  This may help answer some of the questions you might have about your child.  


Autism is a spectrum. We need to be respectful and balanced in our communications about autism.  This next article is titled, My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About.  It is written by Bonnie Zampino and published in the Huffington Post. Click here to read.

A caring 16-year-old student from New Jersey took the initiative to produce this video to help other teens understand and accept autism. The resource has also been used as an anti-bullying tool at the elementary and high school level.


It is hard to believe things like this still happen but they do.  A student with an autism diagnosis from Miramichi, New Brunswick was not allowed back to high school. Click here to read more. 
Linda Mastroianni, Founder, writes a great article on Why Autism Isn't a Cause of Divorce.  She says there are a myriad of reasons why marriages fail but she addresses what she believes are the five top issues. Click here to read more.

The Mighty features an article written by Melissa McGlensey titled,  30 Pieces of Advice for Employers Working With People With AutismClick here to read more.


Autism Research

High rates of parkinsonism in adults with autism 

This paper found a high frequency of parkinsonism among ASD individuals older than 39 years. If high rates of parkinsonism and potentially Parkinson's disease are confirmed in subsequent studies of ASD, this observation has important implications for understanding the neurobiology of autism and treatment of manifestations in older adults. Given the prevalence of autism in school-age children, the recognition of its life-long natural history, and the recognition of the aging of western societies, these findings also support the importance of further systematic study of other aspects of older adults with autism. Click here to read more.

Early Identification and Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Executive Summary

This month's online edition of "Pediatrics" experts underscore the importance of continuing to use universal early childhood autism screening guidelines despite a recent statement issued by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force that recommends skipping early screening for most children.  The lead author on the paper is Canada's own Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum. Click here to read more.