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Dragonfly Dreamtime - St. Croix Courier - October 12,2012

posted Oct 12, 2012, 7:23 PM by Dragonfly Centre for Autism Inc   [ updated Dec 17, 2012, 8:02 AM ]

Dragonfly  Dreamtime   

October 12, 2012      Mary Casement



We have some great new books at the Dragonfly Resource Centre – a few that have been donated by the author and some that we’ve been able to purchase with recent donations.


One of the best reference books ever written on Aspreger’s Syndrome is called just that: Asperger’s Syndrome – A Guide for Parents & Professionals by Tony Atwood.  I have heard many comments about Mr. Atwood’s clear & concise writing style and spot-on information that is direct and useful from numerous  parents and teachers  that have read his works.  They are quite right – this book is an easy to read, logical and factual description of what to expect when dealing with children and adults with Aspergers  from early diagnosis to education and well beyond.  It reveals how the world is perceived by individuals with this baffling condition and offers many insights to help us interact with them in a more productive way and enrich life experiences for all involved.   Aspergers is now considered a variation on the Autism Spectrum and has some very distinctive traits that many of us may be familiar with even though we may not have had a name for it.  A popular character in the TV show “Big Bang Theory” shows behaviour patterns very typical of some people with Aspergers. Some of the more common traits that individuals exhibit are lack of empathy, little or no ability to develop friendships, pedantic repetitive speech, intense absorption (obsessive) interest in certain subjects, poor non-verbal communication, clumsy and ill- coordinated movements and odd postures, naive or inappropriate one-sided interaction.  It is 4 times more common in boys than girls.  People with Aspergers do not seem to have an awareness of the unwritten rules of social conduct that neurotypical people absorb and adopt through natural observation and experience.  There are many brilliant and famous people who have this condition and we often admire them for their quirks.  This book is an informative read in a ‘no medical jargon’ style that makes an easy and enlightening  book break.  A terrific web site on the same subject is well worth checking out as too:


It has been a great month for donations at the centre including three books from the Dream, Believe, Achieve Series by local author Martha M. Goguen.  The titles donated are Andromeda, Emily,  and Global Heart Warming. These are inspiring, fun kid adventures, full of possibilities -  including a trip to another galaxy, all with fabulous colorful  illustrations by Patricia M. Walker.  Short and easy nighttime reads to trigger happy dreams.


We’ve also had some very generous financial donations from the staff at L K Toombs and their ‘dress down’ fund as well as from Europa Inn and HMS Transportation  in St. Andrews.  Thank you to everyone for your support – we need every penny to keep our summer camp and various programs operating.


Please drop by soon to cozy up and spend some time in our autism library with some of our terrific new books.  We are at 36 Milltown Blvd from 11 to 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.